Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What is haptic memory?

Haptic memory was coined by Ulric Neisser in 1967. It is the aspect of human cognitive processing that deals with touch stimuli from the outside world.

Haptic memory is from of sensory memory that refers to the recollection of data acquired by touch after a stimulus has been presented.

Once the touch is perceived and enters the sensory memory haptic memory information then moves from short-memory to long term memory.

Haptic memory, also known as tactile memory, which can hold up to five tactile stimuli at a time.

It is used regularly when assessing the necessary forces for gripping and interacting with familiar objects.

Haptic object identification is made possible by combining vision and cognition. The use of visual imagery and verbalization helps improve haptic memory and discrimination.
What is haptic memory?

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