Friday, June 19, 2015

Physical exercise to improve memory

A great way to improve memory is a physical exercise. It is an exceptional way to increase memory.  Exercises can reverse changes in the brain that cause cognitive decline.

Exercise increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain and stimulates nervous system. This releases endorphins onto the blood stream that creates that overall feeling of well-being.

Exercise can help us to get back our memory where it should be. We can take a walk and free ourself from any frustration that we may be experiencing.

By increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain, exercise helps reducing risk for disease and disorders that eventually lead to memory loss.

According to studies, high levels of physical activity could be more protective against cognitive decline than lower levels (Scarmeas, Luchsinger & Schupf, 2009; Taaffe 2008; Weuve, 2004).

When we’re not exercising, our brain is not receiving much blood. Blood needs to flow to the brain so we can think straight.  We have to move around and not be stagnant. Researchers from the Netherlands’ found that physical fitness could improve memory by boosting blood flow to the rain and increasing brain volume.
Physical exercise to improve memory

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