Sunday, April 27, 2014

Visual memory of iconic memory

There are three types of sensory memory:
*Iconic memory
*Echoic memory
*Haptic memory

Iconic memory is the sensory memory for visual stimuli. A very common example for iconic memory is the light beam that for example a pocket lamp leaves behind when it is moved rapidly through the dark night.

The apparently real light beam is only created by the images one retrieves and stores in the sensory memory while the pocket lamp moves.

Icons do not last long, As soon as human see the object, an icon is formed and it last for only about half a second before it decays.

The iconic image of the image registered on the retina just before a movement may persist long enough to enable human to see the events in their visual environment without interruption.

Without iconic memory, human visions would perhaps consist of s series of flashes.

Iconic memory is the initial stage in an information-processing model. Although highly transient, it has a large capacity.
Visual memory of iconic memory

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