Sunday, September 21, 2014

Aging memory system

Working memory is the dynamic extension of primary memory. It is the ‘system that performs the task of temporarily manipulating information’.

Oder adults perform more poorly that their younger counterparts on tasks assess the combined processing and storage capacity of working memory, and these age-related working memory span differences account for a significant proportion of the age-related variance on written and spoken language comprehension tasks.

There is overwhelming evidence that normal adult aging is accompanied by a working memory deficit.  Aging is a natural process that must be studied intensively, for it to remains of one of the agonizing problems in all biology.

Interestingly, while aging is associated with significant declines in memory, the brain structures associated with encoding and memory show minimal age related volumetric declines. In this case the older adults fail to use spontaneously specific encoding and retrieving strategies.

Nonetheless, older adults can successfully acquire and apply strategies for the considering and retrieval of new information, of taught to do so.
Aging memory system

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