Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Creative memorization

Creative memorization is the process of using human creativity to make information more memorable.

To perform this process in reality might require several hours. However, this type of creative synthesis can be performed on human creative memory in a fraction of a second.

There are four cores of creative memorization skills:

Creative memorization aids, such as the following can be used to remember important names, places, stories and words in daily living.

*Writing idea out of mind and makes a record
*Organize. Sort papers and throw that no longer need
*Schedule. Keep calendar and write appointments and regular activities
*Use notepads. Place many notepads around home and office
*Use memory strategies
*Keep a shopping list

Equations can be used in many ways to help human memorize information.  Equations are great for defining concrete facts, such as the fact that King Henry VIII had six wives, or simply H8=6.

Considering the information in this way will cut down on the words human need to memorize and keep things short and sweet.
Creative memorization

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