Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Imagination and creativity to improve memory

Use imagination and be creative. Learn to visualize when reading the books. Creating imagination is the forging of a link between two previously unconnected ideas for a purpose that might not be apparent at the time

Imagination is the ability to form new images and sensations that are not perceived through sight, hearing or other senses.

It helps make knowledge applicable in solving problems and is fundamental to integrating experience and learning process.

Imagination is the key to both improving memory and improving creativity too. A vivid imagination is going to be a key skill for the 21th century and anything that uses to develop the imagination is also great brain ‘exercise’.

Many memory techniques require the person to think of the most outrageous and exaggerated images to help them remember certain facts or information. The funnier and more out-of-this-world the images, there is better chances to retain data in the mind.
Imagination and creativity to improve memory